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Low-Income Housing ("Subsidized")

Individual rental units for low-income persons who are independent. No supports are provided (i.e. no housekeeping or meals). Rent is income-based.

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Long-term Care Home

For persons who require 24-hour professional care. An assessment by Interior Health must also be done to qualify for the publicly subsidized units through BC Housing.

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Supportive Housing

Individual units for persons who are independent. Supports provided vary by housing provider and are either included in monthly rent or available on a fee-for-service basis. Supports may include light housekeeping, food, recreational activities etc. Personal care, such as bathing, dressing or grooming assistance, is not included in standard monthly rent.

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Assisted Living

Assisted Living residences provide another option to those who need a little more help to live independently, but are not at the stage of requiring 24-hour, professional care in a long-term care home. Interior Health, in partnership with BC Housing, has created many publicly subsidized assisted living units throughout the region. Individuals must be assessed by Interior Health in order to qualify.

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Eligibility & Application

Applications for Low-Income “Subsidized” independent units are available in our office and from the housing providers.

Applications for publicly-subsidized assisted living units are processed through Interior Health Home and Community Care – you do not need to contact the facility directly.

Residents of publicly-subsidized Assisted Living residences must meet the eligibility requirements set by the Ministry of Health Services. When a resident can no longer safely reside in this semi-independent setting, they will be assessed for an alternate placement.

Talk to your Home and Community Care Health Professional about an assessment, or if you are not receiving home health services from Interior Health, contact your local home and community care office to request an assessment.

For more information on subsidized long-term services or to request an eligibility assessment, contact the Interior Health Home and Community Care Office: (250) 980-1400. Please do not contact the Operator directly regarding Interior Health subsidized long-term care. Please visit their website.

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